Painted Cabinet Trends

			cabinet-glazingOur company has been providing quality painted cabinet services to the St. Louis community for several years. Over the years many perspective painted cabinet clients have commented that it is more economical to paint their existing cabinets than incur the cost of cabinet replacement. Our response is that it depends on the quality of the replacement cabinets compared to the quality of your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts being used.

In the current economic climate everyone is looking for the best deal when it comes to remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. Insert a great new trend in the cabinetry market, painted kitchen cabinets and, not unlike interior design trends, two tones. Two tones are a great way to really show off high traffice areas, such as your kitchen, in your home. Using bold neutral colors to set off bright crisp colors does a great job of making the room look more spacious, eye catching and brings a level of sophistication to the space. At Merillat Cabinetry they have seen buying trends rise for paints such as thier crisp clean Cotton White finish. Check out what Lori Salem, Manager of Design Services at Merillat, has to say about the new trend.